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Choose golf courses that suit your skill level

With thousands of golf courses spanning the length and breadth of the country, the US is definitely the golf mecca of the world. Fine layouts, scenic surroundings and great services define the country’s golf culture. With so many options, it can be … Read More

Golf courses in Kuala Lumpur

It is indeed a surprising turn of events as Malaysia entered the big market of golf courses and delivered its own brand of highly viable, highly attractive golf courses in Kuala Lumpur. So go ahead with an experience of the Asian … Read More

Pelican Hill Golf Course

On the Newport coast, high above the Pacific Ocean, is one of the best golf courses in the California area. With a very beautiful golf course, the best services and amenities, and excellent restaurants, Pelican Hill Golf Course offers one of … Read More

Tips for Shopping for Golf Course Homes in Florida

Florida’s sunny and temperate climate makes it the perfect destination for golf, so it’s no surprise that Florida has a wide variety of premier golfing communities. Home buyers who love golf can purchase real estate in any of these communities and … Read More

Best golf courses of Devon

The best golf courses combine a suitably challenging and exciting course layout with beautiful scenery. That’s why the county of Devon in South West England has some fantastic golf courses. When you play golf in Devon, you can enjoy the invigorating … Read More

Golf course view – Enjoy the natural beauty while playing golf

Golf is a sport of skill, but part of the fun of golfing is the beautiful surroundings. Most golf courses are set in natural areas, from serene lakes and forests to desert oases. If you play golf, you should try to take … Read More

Improve Your Golf Swing With Golf Psychology

A much better golf swing is certainly achievable… for any golfer, with a golf mental game approach that is ideal for success on the golf course.  It doesn’t matter age or ability. This is the truth… and it can happen very quickly! … Read More

How to Find Good, But Cheap Golf Courses Around the World

A 2015 survey showed that there are more than 34,000 golf courses worldwide, with the United States topping the list of countries with the most number of golf courses at 15,372. A ball and club sport that began in Scotland … Read More

Are your golf clubs undermining your potential?

Most players, whether a beginner or a pro, struggle to decide which golf club to buy. The buying process is easier when the consumer has a good… of the golf club types Most players, whether a beginner or a pro, … Read More